Spanning theoretic and practice-based research the Symposium will present a combination of 35 lectures, performances, academic papers and media art works by individuals and groups from across Australia and 12 other countries.

Presenters and their collaborators include: (in alphabetical order)

Peter Banki, Thea Brejzek, Frank Blum, Erin Brannigan, Paula Caspão, Smitha Cariappa, Martyn Coutts, James Cunningham, Ingrid Cogne, Nadia Cusimano, Mick Douglas, Michael Dick, Matthew Day, Helen Duncan, Michaela Davies, Mette Edvardsen, Sam Ferguson, Suzon Fuks, Shruti Ghosh, Helen Grogan, Gunnar Heilmann, Kate Hunter, Nikki Heywood, Donna Hewitt, Sarah Knox, Julian Knowles, Jondi Keane, Lian Loke, Julie-Anne Long, Alexandra Murray Leslie, Michael Lewarne, Linda Luke, Hannah Mathews, Shaun McLeod, Russell Milledge, Kate McIntosh, Phuong Nguyen, James Oliver, Kellie O’Dempsey, Karen Pearlman, Tom Rivard, Jennifer Roche, Dagmar Reinhart, Sumugan Sivanesan, Leisa Tough, Eiichi Tosaki, Tanya Voges, Paul Walker, Ivey Wawn, Dianne Weller, Burkard Wehner, Beth Weinstein, AñA Wojak, Paul Warren, Jenifer Yeuroukis, Rebecca Youdell, Helen Yung, Siegmar Zacharias

We are delighted to present a sneak preview of the exciting lineup of keynote presenters and highlight events for SEAM2013:


Presenters include Richard Gough, Marilyn Miller, David Capra, and Deborah Ascher Barnstone. Unfortunately Richard Gough will be unable to present a keynote due to health reasons. Richard Gough’s presentation will be replaced with a presentation by David Pledger. 

David Pledger is an intermedia artist working within and between the performing, visual and media arts. He has made live performances, media art, site-specific installations and interactive artworks for theatres, galleries and museums and in a car-park, a stables, a suburban house, a film studio and a cattleyard for arts and film festivals, visual arts and performance programs in Australia, Asia and Europe.

Marilyn Miller is one of the co-founders of Australia’s first Indigenous mainstream company, Aboriginal Islander Dance Theatre. A choreographer with experience in dance, theatre and television, Marilyn directed the historic Opening of 42nd Parliament – Welcome to Country in 2008. She was Australia’s National Indigenous Dance Coordinator 2007-2009, and CEO of one of Australia’s newest Arts organisations, BlakDance Australia Ltd 2010-2011.

David Capra is an artist based in Sydney.  His performance work is articulated through speaking in tongues, banner waving and prophetic and intercessory dance. David Capra is influenced by Outsider art and contemporary craft practices.

Deborah Ascher Barnstone holds a PhD in architectural history from the TU, Delft; a Master of Architecture degree from Columbia University; and a B.A. cum laude degree from Barnard College. She is a licensed architect and principal with Ascher Barnstone Architects as well as an historian. Professor Barnstone comes to UTS after 15 years at Washington State University. She has also held academic positions at the Ball State University, the Fachhochschule Cologne, Germany, and the Boston Architectural Center and been a research fellow at the Technical University, Delft, The Netherlands.



The Hunting Party has withdrawn due to unforeseen circumstances.



Black is a slow performance about making things appear in an empty space. Through spoken words and movements in space, a world becomes visible where the performer is the mediator between the audience and what is there.

With a base in Brussels since 1996, Mette Edvardsen has worked for several years as a dancer and performer for a number of companies and projects and has been making her own work since 2002.

Image: Mette Edvardsen, Black. Photo: Gaetano Cammarota


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